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Anyone who has Suffered a Boat Accident or Injury on the Water,
Needs a Lawyer That Specializes in Admiralty Law.

Edward Petkevis

Lawyer Edward Petkevis, on-site, investigating a ship accident.

Many people think that a lawyer is a lawyer. That is far from the truth. You wouldn’t go to a foot doctor for brain surgery, nor would you go to a brain surgeon for an operation on your toe. You need a specialist.

The same is true with attorneys. It is not one size fits all. There are specialties and disciplines, and a complex understanding of the laws and rulings in those specialties is vitally important. Nowhere is that more true than in the field of admiralty law. Many auto accident attorneys also advertise that they can handle a boat accident injury case, based on their misconception that the laws are the same on the land as well as the water.  Not only are the laws different, but the way in which the cases are properly handled differ vastly. In fact, the field of admiralty law is so specialized, that it is one of only two areas of law (the other being patent law) that an attorney is authorized under the Code of Ethics to designate himself as an expert or specialist in that particular field of law.

Not only are the laws different, but the process by which the case needs to be handled differs vastly. On the water, evidence sinks. It is vitally important to have a hands-on approach to the preparation of the case. To properly represent someone with a marine claim, often requires the attorney to leave the comfort of his office and enter into territory where other attorneys fear to tread. When speaking to an attorney who says he can handle your boat accident injury case, ask to see his hardhat and his life vest.

If you suffered a personal injury in a boating accident, you need a boat accident lawyer.  Call us immediately for a free, no obligation consultation. Due to the maritime environment, evidence is easily lost and, therefore, immediate action is needed. Whether the accident was caused by operator negligence, unseaworthiness, inattentiveness, inexperience, intoxication, or speeding, we start to help our clients by thoroughly investigating the accident's cause to determine the most effective legal strategy.

We will assess the financial impact and long-term consequences of the boat accident. Then, we will carefully consider the most effective way of pursuing compensation on your behalf for medical costs, lost wages, and other damages.

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