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Commercial Fishing Boats • Jones Act • Seaman's Claims

Commercial fishermen working in treacherous conditions

Individuals who are hired to work on board vessels in navigation, and contribute to the mission of the vessel, are seamen.  Due to the wide nature and purpose of vessels in navigation, this could include  traditional deck hands, commercial fishermen, or other maritime workers. Potentially this could also include individuals such as housekeepers or even cocktail waitresses on cruise ships, and other vocations not normally seen as traditionally maritime.


Seaman are not entitled to worker's compensation; to pursue any claims for personal injury, seaman may file suit under the Jones Act, and also assert claims under the general maritime law for breach of the warranty of seaworthiness. Jones Act seaman are also entitled to maintain a claim for maintenance and cure. Maintenance is a payment in lieu of wages to an injured seaman while they are recovering from an injury.


Cure is payment of all necessary medical bills. If you are a seaman injured on the water, you need aggressive and skilled representation.  The ship owner/employers, through their insurance, gain the benefit of skilled Admiralty defense attorneys to attempt to minimize or eliminate your claim. You can eliminate this advantage by hiring a skilled marine attorney well-versed in means to utilize the law to your advantage. Traditional land-based attorneys, no matter how skilled, are at a serious disadvantage when facing an admiralty defense attorney. Edward R Petkevis began his career as an admiralty defense attorney, before shifting his practice to representing the individual. Gain the advantage. Call today.

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