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Deep Water Law Office of Edward Petkevis Esq.

Boat Accident Lawyer New Jersey


Ed Petkevis

If you have suffered a boating injury in New Jersey, you need a specialist boat accident lawyer. You need the Deep Water Law Office of Edward Petkevis. The field of admiralty and maritime law is so specialized, it is one of only two areas of law where both the New Jersey Rules of Professional Conduct and the American Bar Association allow a lawyer to say he is a specialist. Any attorney can claim he handles boating injury cases in New Jersey, but only a credentialed attorney who specializes in boat accident cases can say that he is a specialist maritime lawyer, also known as a Proctor in Admiralty.  Edward Petkevis has an LL.M in admiralty law from Tulane Law School, is chairman of the Maritime and Admiralty Law Special Committee for the New Jersey State Bar Association and is a member of the Maritime Law Association.  With over three decades of experience in both recreational and commercial boating injury cases, the Deep Water Law Office of Edward Petkevis provides dedicated,  aggressive and responsive legal representation to those who have sustained a boating injury, whether aboard ships or recreational vessels, either as seaman, longshoreman,  passengers on a cruise ship, while recreational fishing,  or as a result of pleasure boat accident. Boat accident cases and boating injury cases are our specialty.  For all such claims, we offer a free, no obligation consultation, and handle cases based on a contingency fee, which means that if we don't win, you don't pay.  When you need a boat accident lawyer in New Jersey, reach out for the specialized care that you need.

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