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Recreational • Pleasure Boats • Jet Skis • Charter Fishing

Sunken pleasure boat

We represent clients who have been injured in a boating accident involving any of the following:

• Collisions with other boats

• Allisions (collisions with fixed objects)

• Sinkings

• Driver inexperience

• Driving while intoxicated

• Strandings

• Fish hook injuries

• Salvage Claims

• Piracy

• Lack of flotation devices

• Speeding

• Wake Injuries

• Jet Ski and Wave Runner Accidents

• Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

• Parasailing accident

• Scuba Diving Accidents

• Water skiing accidents

If you have suffered personal injury on a recreational or pleasure boat because of the negligence of another, from failure to heed the navigational Rules of the Road or due to boating under the influence, or any other act of negligence or violation of the law, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. We handle personal injury cases that involve a wide range of recreational boats, as well as jet and water skis. For all such claims, we offer a free, no obligation consultation, and handle cases for a contingency fee, which ,means that if we don't win, you don't pay. 

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