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The following client victories are a small sample of the many hundreds of cases we have handled on behalf of people like you who have been injured as a result of a boating accident.  We have recovered for our clients many millions of dollars and have over a 99% success rate; the cases below are representative sample only, to demonstrate our effectiveness.  Your case will be handled from beginning to end by the lead attorney; you will never be handed off to a junior associate.  Even if the case requires that suit be filed in a foreign state, due to the licenses held in most major maritime jurisdictions, your case will be handled from beginning to end by the same attorney.

(Note: We value our clients' privacy; although all case summaries below are accurate there are no names or other identifying information.  Certain photographs have been changed, or stock photos utilized, unrelated to any case, to demonstrate the type of claim, but not necessarily depicting the actual vessels involved.  A depiction of a vessel in a photograph does not indicate that the particular vessel or its owners were involved.)

After every victory or successful conclusion of a case, we ring this victory bell.  Let us ring the bell for you.

Victory Bell
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