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$13,500,000.00 - Dams Breach Flooding Homes and Businesses

Although this case certainly involved a lot of water, it was not truly an admiralty case; for a case to be within the admiralty jurisdiction of the courts, the waters must be navigable. However, this case demonstrates the devastating power of an uncontrolled flow of water, and the benefits of having the right lawyer.  There was an extraordinarily heavy rainstorm, many termed a 1,000 year storm, that impacted southern New Jersey and caused a series of dams to breach, releasing their lakes downstream, and contributing to already severe flooding. 


Hundreds of homeowners suffered devastating losses, but were told that they had no recourse because it was an act of God. Even those homeowners that had flood insurance were left only partially reimbursed for their losses.


Although flood victims were told by their lawyers that it was hopeless, the DeepWater Law Offices of Edward R. Petkevis initiated litigation that resulted in the recovery of over $13 million for these devastated homeowners. Going the extra mile for our clients, we even negotiated directly with the United States Government and United States Congressmen to gain additional aid through FEMA for those harmed by the flood.

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