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$600,000 – Commercial Fisherman Injury

This case involved an injury to a young man employed as a seaman on board a commercial clamming vessel. During the course of his employment, an individual doing repairs on the vessel, accidentally let fall in 8-pound piece of cast-iron, which struck him in the middle of his head, fracturing his skull.  He lost approximately 2 months of time from work, and upon his return, his employer offered him $50,000 to settle his case. He told the injured seaman that he need not get a lawyer, as the lawyer would only take money that could be his.


Fortunately for this client, he did not heed his employer’s advice. We obtained for him $600,000, which even after attorney’s fees and experts costs, resulted in a net recovery, tax-free, in this young man’s pocket, in the amount of $378,177.47.

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