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Lawyer Malpractice

Lawyer who committed malpractice

Unfortunately, many cases are entrusted to a non-admiralty lawyer, who claimed to have the ability to handle the case, but causes the client's claim to suffer. Some of the  most common types of attorney malpractice in admiralty are:

* Missing the Statute of Limitations

* Filing in the Wrong Jurisdiction

* Being defeated by Limitation of Liability

* Settling your case to low

* Failure to retain experts

* Allowing Evidence to be lost

* Not recognizing all causes of action

* Not joining all parties

* Failing to arrest the vessel or sue In Rem

If you have suffered the unfortunate consequences of a lawyer's inexperience, we will review your case to determine if you have a claim for legal malpractice. We handle all lawyer malpractice cases based on a contingent fee, which means that if you don't win, you don't pay. Call today for a free no obligation consultation.

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