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$300,000 - Eye Injury To A Mate On Board A Charter Fishing Boat

Head Boat

When asked to describe their version of a seaman, people think of sailors with weathered faces hauling ropes on a supertanker or a commercial freighter.  Most people don’t normally envision a young woman in high heels carrying a drink tray.  In fact, anyone who is employed in the service of a vessel that contributes to the function of the vessel, qualifies as a seaman entitled to the protection of the Jones Act.  That could include not only traditional sailors, but also a cocktail waitress serving on a dinner cruise, or even a musician taking the stage on board a cruiseship. This particular case involved a young man serving as a bait boy on what is commonly known as a head boat, or charter fishing boat. He was assisting a fisherman in bringing on board his catch, when the line snapped causing the pole to whip back, striking the mate in the eye. Utilizing procedural and legal advantages available to Jones act seaman, including breach of the warranty of seaworthiness, we were able to secure a very favorable settlement on his behalf.

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