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Cruise ship

Cruises, Dinner Cruises,  Whale and Dolphin Watching Trips, Water Taxi and Ferry voyages, no matter how safely the shipowner claims it operates, are subject to hazards that do not exist on land. We handle all types of such vessel accidents, including collisions, fires, sinkings, excursion and “tender” injuries, trips/slips and falls, drownings, capsizes, falls overboard, and  food poisoning. The law is designed to protect the shipowners from the legitimate claims of passengers. Ship owners and operators often assert Limitation of Liability to attempt to limit all claims to the value of the vessel after the wreck.


We have defeated every such claim to limit liability. Most marine claims have a three year statute of limitations, which means that if you don't timely file suit, your claim will be forever barred.  Cruise lines are permitted to insert in the cruise ticket a ONE YEAR time limitation. In addition, cruise lines can also legally require you to bring suit in a Federal Court that is far from your home, such as the Southern District of Florida. That means you may be required to hire a lawyer that you may have never met.  Edward R. Petkevis is licensed in Florida, and other major maritime jurisdictions, and can personally handle your case, from inception to conclusion.  

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