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"I had never been to a lawyer before and was worried about the cost, and nervous about meeting with a lawyer. Mr. Petkevis explained everything to me in terms I could understand. He was helpful and caring. Most importantly, he got me the result that I wanted at the fee we agreed on."Steve
"Edward Petkevis is a man of integrity, honesty and humor. I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone as he is what an attorney should be, but that rarely is. Throughout our entire case, his enthusiasm never wavered, his beliefs held high, and his communication always could be counted on. Just try getting most attorneys to return a phone call! This is just something you don't find when dealing with the majority of attorneys, and I know, I've worked with them for many years before starting my own business. Mr. Petkevis is a man of his word, and that says it all."Cheyenne
"Ed, reviewed my will with me, and did a great job helping me with my final arrangement's, he is by far the most patient, man, and attorney, I have ever met, I would recommend Ed to anyone."Kevin
"I started using the services of Ed Petkevis in 2013 the year I was Potentate (President) of The Crescent Shriner’s. The Shriner By-Laws require us to have a Lawyer review every contract we enter into and we have many. The Shrine run cruises, a circus, equipment leases and rental of our hall just to name a few. Most of the time I could just email the question or contract and in minutes I had an answer and it was not just a rubber stamp he always had specific questions about the subject. Ed continued to be the attorney I used after I left that office and took over the operations of the Shrine as Recorder/ Business Manager."Henry
"Mr. Petkevis has handled several cases for me. When my son got into a scrape with the law. Ed handled it so that a PTI was used so his record would survive his poor decision. In another case when a person was making libelous statements to my job, Ed crafted the strategy that made the problem end. He is a man of vast knowledge, tremendous experience, and flawless character. I person is lucky to have Ed Petkevis as their attorney."A Satisfied Client
"Mr. Petkevis is an excellent attorney. He helped us thru all the legalese in the case. He was very responsive in contacting us with information needed or any updates in the case. His office was always helpful and understanding to the on-going issues with the medical doctors."A Satisfied Client