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$499,500 - Passenger Claim For Capsize Of A Ferry/Water Taxi

In a matter of seconds, a beautiful day on the water can turn to disaster. Unseaworthy conditions on board a vessel are often not readily apparent, and can result from either design defects, affecting stability or hull integrity, or can result from lack of proper maintenance of the vessel during its years of service.  Unfortunately for the passengers on board this capsized ferry, all three issues combined to cause the vessel to suddenly, and apparently inexplicably, capsize, throwing all passengers into the river.


Fortunately, in this boating accident case, there was no serious injuries or loss of life. This award represented the emotional trauma experienced by our twelve clients who found themselves suddenly fighting for their lives. It was ascertained that the vessel had only marginal stability, and the pontoons which comprised the hull of the vessel were relatively weak and subject to puncture. One of the pontoons had experienced a small rupture, that allowed the Interior to fill with water, causing the port side of the vessel to be much heavier than the starboard, and combined with its barely acceptable stability, caused the vessel to suddenly flip when it encountered a small wave.

Sunken passenger ferry
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