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Edward Petkevis, Esq.

Lawyer, Proctor in Admiralty

Chairman New Jersey State Bar Association Maritime and Admiralty Law Committee

Ed Petkevis

With over 30 years experience, an advanced degree in admiralty law from Tulane University Law School (LL.M) and having passed 5 consecutive bar exams, Edward Petkevis’ practice has taken him throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. He left Chicago in 1995, where he primarily represented shipowners, Lloyd's of London, and other insurance companies, to return to his roots on the East Coast, where he founded the Deepwater Law Offices of Edward Petkevis Esq. The focus of the practice is now on the individual rather than the faceless insurance company. The experience that he gained in defending vessel interests and insurance companies is now best put to use to gain justice for individuals such as yourself injured as a result of shipowner's negligence. 


The Deepwater Law Offices of Edward Petkevis Esq., provides dedicated, aggressive and responsive legal representation to those who have been injured while aboard ships and vessels, either as seaman, longshoreman, passengers on a cruise ship or due to recreational boating accidents.

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